Research Publications

Year 2013

  1. Fauzia Sadiq1, Nadeem Hameed2, Asim Mumtaz1, Farzana yasmeen1, Tauqqer butt1 and Khurshid Ahmad khan3 Ghrelin levels in obese children of diabetic parents ISSN: xxxx-xxxx Vol. 1 (1), pp. 044-049, December, 2013. © Global Science Research Journals

Year 2014

  1. Warda Hussain,1 Asim Mumtaz,2 Farzana Yasmeen,3 Sana Qayyum Khan,4 and Toqeer Butt5 Reference range of zinc in adult population (20-29 years) of Lahore, Pakistan Pak J Med Sci. 2014 May-Jun; 30(3): 545-548.doi: 10.12669/pjms.303.4027
  2. Fakhar un Nisa1, Asim Mumtaz1, Muhammad Ikram Ullah2, Muhammed Atif1, Waqas Sami3 Determination of serum zinc and magnesium levels in patients with hypothyroidism, Trace Elements and Electrolytes, Volume 31 - 2nd quarter (43 - 47)