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  • Objectives
  • Working Facilities
  • Future Plans
  • Research Activities
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Histopathology laboratory is located in the south wing of UHS at the ground floor. This laboratory is well equipped with the facility to cater for training and research leading to higher qualifications such as Ph.D; M.Phil, M.Sc MLT & training for M.Sc Nursing. The department of pathology being an integral part of University sets out to be a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and research in pathological sciences.


Pathology is the branch of medical sciences which deals with the nature of disease, its causes and its detection. Although modern medicine has made great strides in understanding the causes of disease, we still have a considerable distance to go. The goal of research in the department of pathology is to extend our knowledge of the mechanisms of disease, especially at the molecular level. Such detailed information will hopefully lead to improved diagnosis, treatment, and eventually, prevention. Our mission is to produce Ph.Ds of international standard in collaboration with foreign universities. MOU with university of Texas has already been signed for exchange of graduate students and faculty members.

Working Facilities

  • Facilities to carry out research leading to Master, M.Phil or Ph.D.
  • Training of medical graduates for specialization in histopathology to become teachers, diagnosticians and researchers.
  • Reporting on all kinds of biopsies used in research projects.
  • Opinion on prepared slides/blocks
  • Tumor markers/receptors (Immunoperoxidase studies)
  • Frozen sections for research work
  • FNAC reporting- mostly for research / diagnosis.
  • Fluid/smear cytology for research purpose / diagnosis.
  • Immunofluorescence studies for research purpose only
Equipments Available in the Laboratory

Sr. No Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Cytopro Centrifuge 1
2 Tissue Processor 3
3 Embedding Centre with Embedded Hot Plate 2
4 Cold Plate for Embedding Centre 1
5 Microtome 2
6 Water Bath 2
7 Oven (Incubator) 1
8 Centrifug- Freeze 1
9 Humidifier 1
10 Heating Oven 1
11 Spectrophotometer 1
12 Microplate Washer 1
13 Microplate Reader 1
14 Centrifuge-MIKRO-120 1
15 Centrifuge-EBA-20 1
16 Tube Shaker 2
17 Weighing Balance 1
18 Binocular Student Microscopes 20
19 Electronic Balance 1
20 Refrigerator 2
21 Microwave Oven 1
22 PH Meter 1
23 Gross Station with automatic Dictation System 1
24 Ten Headed Microscope Camera Software CD= 01, 1
25 Dry Thermal Block RT-60 1
26 Dry Thermal Block RT-60-110 1
27 Vortex Mixer 1
28 Steamer 1
29 Distilled water Plant 1
30 Magnetic Stirrer 1
31 Auto Slide Stainer 2
32 Double Headed Microscope with camera 2
33 Wax Dispenser 1
34 Dissecting microscope 1

Future Plans

  • To improve the number of PhD scholars in the department.
  • To upgrade the department by procuring some very high tech instruments for an advance research in Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology.

Research Activities

Projects Completed M.Phil/PhD Session 2005

Dr. Waseem Haider

Role of DNA Analysis in Sexually Assault Victims. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Nadia Naseem

Immunohistochemical Expression of Histidine Decarboxylase and Cytokeratin 19 and its correlation with Histological Grading in Primary Lung Carcinomas. (Awarded Degree)

Projects Completed M.Phil Session 2006

Dr. Sadia Anwar

Expression of HER 2/neu and its correlation with the histological grading of colorectal carcinoma. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Uzma Nabi

Study of Ki-67 labeling index with grading and staging of colorectal carcinoma. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Mahwish Hussain

Correlation of Estrogen Receptor expression with the Ki-67 proliferative index in carcinoma of the breast. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Fakeha Rehman

Immunohistochemical expression and correlation of Mammaglobin with Scarf-Bloom Richardson grading system of breast carcinoma. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Seema Butt

Expression of Bcl-2 oncoprotein in uterine leiomyomata as an apoptosis inhibitor. (Awarded Degree)

Projects Completed M.Phil Session 2007

Dr. Sobia Sadiq

Diagnostic role of CD117 in small cell carcinoma of lung. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Saira Sajid

A Morphological Study of Muscular Dystrophies and the Role of Dystrophin in their Diagnosis. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Maham Akhlaq

Morphological Study of Placenta in Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia. (Awarded Degree)

Projects Completed M.Phil Year 2008

Dr. Muneeza Khalid

Morphological study of Round Blue Cell Tumors of Childhood and their classification.

(Awarded Degree)

Dr. Nausheen Henna

Morphology of Hirschsprung’s Disease in suction and full thickness rectal biopsies. (Awarded Degree)

Projects Completed M.Phil Year 2009

Dr. Munazza Chaudhary

Morphology of Hepatitis C Virus Associated Nephropathy and Expression of Anti HCV-NS3. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Atika Masood

Morphology of IgA & Henoch-SchÖnlein Nephropathies-the role of immunofluorescence & iNOS. (Awarded Degree)

Dr. Usman Shams

Expression of p63 and S-100A6 in the Differentiation of Keratinocytic Tumours of Skin.

Dr. Sumera Qazi

Morphology of Benign Proliferative Breast Lesions in the Mestectomy Specimens.

Dr. Fatima Rashid

Morphological Study of Renal Lesions in Systemic Lupus Erythematosis.

Project in Hand M.Phil Session 2009

Dr. Syeda Farheen Fatima

A Study of Alterations in Mucin Expression and Cellular Changes as Prognostic Indicators

in Colorectal Carcinoma.

Projects Completed M.Phil Year 2010 (Histopathology)

Dr. Ehsan Ullah

Correlation of Mast Cell and Microvascular Density in Carcinoma of Lung.

Dr. Raees Abbas

Smoking Related Interstitial Fibrosis and Interstitial Lung Disease: An Autopsy Study.

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2010

Dr. Sakina Jamil

Mercury Kushta induced morphological changes in liver and kidney of rats.

Dr. Saadia Raza

Morphological changes in liver and kidney of rodents induced by indigenous preparation of gold.

Projects Completed M.Phil Year 2010 (Oral Pathology)

Dr. Sadaf Waris

Morphological Study of Oral Mucosal Changes in Habitual Paan Chewers.

Dr. Samina Zaheer

A Morphological Study of MASPIN Expression in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Dr. Ali Tahir

Correlation of Mast Cells and Microvascular Density in Oral-Facial Neoplasm.

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2011 (Histopathology)

Dr. Farwa Batool

Clininopathological Pattern and Classification of Breast Carcinoma based on ER/PR and HER2/ neu Immunohistochemistry.

Dr. Nasim Aslam

Effects of Cadmium Salt on Kidney Tissue of White Rats.

Projects Completed M.Phil Year 2011 (Oral Pathology)

Dr. Ayesha Zulifqar

Tumours Associated Macrophages in Orofacial Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma.

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2011 (Oral Pathology):

Dr. Gul Muhammad

Corticosteroids Induced Osteo Necrosis of Jaws – An Experimental Study in Rabbits.

Dr. Khurshid Ali

Clinicopathological Analysis of Radiolucent Lesions of the Jaws.

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2012 (Histopathology):

Dr. Hira Kareem

Effects of Copper Preparations on Kidneys of Albino Rats

Dr. Nushmia Baig

Expression of TAMS and M2 Macrophages in Different Histological Grades of Breast Carcinoma

Dr. M. Zain Mehdi

Expression of minichromosome maintenance 2 and Ki-67 as proliferation markers in Renal cell carcinoma.

Dr. Irfan Basheer

Expression of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase I and internexin alpha in gliomas.

Dr. Samina Iqbal

Prognostic value of CEA, CA 19-9 and calretenin in the cytological diagnosis of pleural and peritoneal effusions.

Dr. Hafsa Riasat

Morphological correlation of Helicobacter pylori associated diseases H. Pylori antigens.

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2012 (Oral Pathology):

Dr. Rabia Anjum

Pathological Changes in Soft Tissues Associated with Impacted Third Molars

Dr. Mohyman Sarfraz

Oral Cytopathological Changes in Habitual Wet Snuff Dippers

Dr. Sania Arshad

Expression of CD105 Angiogenesis and the Pattern on Inflammatory Exudate in Oral Squamous and Basal Cell Carcinoma

Dr. Sunnaeyah Waris

Gingival Changes in Tuberculous Patients

Dr. Varda Jalil

Determination of Cytotoxic T Cells & NK Cells in Papillary Carcinoma and Follicular Adenoma of Thyroid

Dr. Rabia Safdar

Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase in BCC & SCC.

Dr. Saima Qadir

Oral Mucosal Changes in the Patients of HIV/AIDS with or without ART

Dr. Abdul Khaliq

Morphological Changes Induced in Oral Mucosa of Rabbits by Dental Curing Light Emitting Diode (LED).

Dr. M. Kashif

Expression of Prostanoid EP-3 Receptors in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Adjacent Normal Tissue.

Dr. M. Arslan Tayyab

Morphological Changes Induced by Inorganic Arsenic in the Jaw Bones Buccal Mucosa and Tongue of Rodents

Dr. Wali Dad

Oral Cytopathological Changes in Type II Diabetic Patients

Dr. Rabiya Saif

Role of Ki67 as a Proliferative Index in Odontogenic Jaw Cysts.

Dr. Sadia Minhas

Cytopathological-Effects of Concomitant Chemo radiotherapy on Normal Oral Mucosa & Peritumoral Area.

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2013 (Histopathology):

Dr. Sobia Khalid

Expression of NGAL in Class I-V Lupus Nephritis Using Immunohistochemical and Immunofluorescent Techniques

Dr. Sadaf Shafique

Effects of Arsenic Preparations on Kidney and Testes of Wister Rats

Dr. Qurat Ul Ain

Expression of Ki-67 & P53 as a Prognostic Marker in Wilms’ Tumour.

Dr. Hadia Rafique

Detection of DNA Mismatch Repair Antibodies AMS2 MSH6 MSH2 MLH1 in Carcinoma of Breast

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2013 (Oral Pathology):

Dr. Uzma Khan

Micronucleus Frequencies in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes and Buccal Epithelial Cells of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer and their First Degree Relations

Dr. Beenish Aleem

Morphological Changes in Ankylosing Temporomandibular Joint

Dr. Malik Adeel Anwar

Oral Cytopathological Changes in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erthematosus

Dr. Basil Khalid

Effects of Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil Mixed with Honey on Healing of Oral Ulcers in Rabbits

Projects in Hand M.Phil Session 2013 Histotechnology and Cytotechnology

Mr. Usman Ali

DNA Mismatch Repair Antibodies (MSH2, MSH6, PMS2 and MLH1) in Colonic Adenocarcinoma.

Ms. Faiza

Immunocytochemical Markers (Ber-Ep4, MOC 31, Calretinin and HBME 1) in the differential diagnosis of reactive mesothelial cells and adenocarcinoma cells in effusion cytology.

Ph.D Projects Completed:

Dr. Nadeem Afzal

Role of Genetics and Immune Mechanism in the Pathogenesis of diabetic Retinopathy.

Dr. Samina Khokhar

Prediction of Efficacy of Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer: Development of Efficacy Index

In Hand Ph.D Projects:

1. Dr. Abdul Mannan Babar

Surgical adjuvant intralesional cytokines versus steroids for hypertrophicscars and keloids.

2. Dr. Azhar Qayyum

KRAS Oncogenic Mutation Pattern in Pakistani Patients Presenting with Colorectal Carcinoma in a Northern Tertiary Referral Centre (Approved for Funding by HEC).

3. Dr. Nadia Naseem

Immunohistochemical and Genetic Characterization of Muscular Dystrophies in Local Patients.

Funds issued to the Research Projects:

Students’ Name Course Funding agency Amount

Dr. Abdul Mannan Babar Ph.D Higher Education Commission 5,253,000/-

Dr. Azhar Qayyum Ph.D Higher Education Commission 1,695,739/-

Research Projects (Completed & Ongoing)


Nomination of Student in Nobel Laureates Meeting

Dr. Ehsan Ullah was selected as young scientist in medicine in 61st meeting of Nobel Laureates held from 26th June – 1st July, 2011 in Germany and talked on “Ethics in Scientific Research"

Award for the 3rd Best Poster Presentation at European Cancer Conference Dr. Nadia Naseem was awarded as the 3rd best poster presenter in the category of “PhD Students” at European Cancer Organization Annual Conference, held at Vienna, Austria from 21-24 March, 2012.

Research Publications


The department of Pathology consists of a dedicated team of individuals with varying interests, duties, and responsibilities. The faculty is very diverse and includes those with significant clinical service, teaching and research responsibilities. To accomplish all of the roles of our Department, we rely on our faculty and staff. To achieve excellence in research, teaching and service, requires a special group of talented and dedicated individuals.
Prof. A.H Nagi Professor & Head of Department
MBBS (Pb), Ph.D (Queen’s), MRC Path (London)
FCPS, FCPP, FRCP (Dublin), FRC Path (London)
E-mail : headpathology@uhs.edu.pk

Dr. Nadia Naseem Assistant Professor
MBBS, M.Phil
Dr. Sarah Ghafoor Assistant Professor
BDS, BSc, Ph.D (Developmental Biology)
Laboratory and Support Staff
Ms. Sadia Maqbool Research Coordinator
Masters in Education, Computer Fundamental Programme
Mr. Usman Ali Senior Lab Manager
Mr. Sameer Anjum Lab Technician
Diploma in MLT
Adjunct /Visiting Faculty:
Dr. M Ashraf Professor of Pathology Department
Gulab Devi Hospital, Lahore.
Prof. Shazia Ibn-e-rasa Professor of Histopathology
Lahore Medical & Dental College
Dr. Sami Ullah FCPS,
Associate Professor of Histopathology
Lahore Medical Dental College.
Prof. Janbaz Ahmad Professor of Pathology
Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad.
Prof. Ihtesham Ud Din Qureshi Professor of Pathology
PGMI, Lahore.
Prof M. Ilyas PhD; FRCPath,
Nottingham University.
Dr. Abdul Haleem FRCPath,
Professor of Pathology
Riyadh, KSA 11159.

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