Research Publications

Total of 36 research articles has been published, while 3 are submitted for publication in international research journals.

Year 2008

  1. SHAHID, A., LONE, K. P., SAEED, S. & ARSLAN, M. 2008. Male offspring of both diabetic parents have higher insulin resistance and serum leptin levels compared to those with one diabetic parent. Hormones (Athens), 7, 313-319.
  2. Year 2009

  3. AKRAM, T., HASAN, S., IMRAN, M., KARIM, A. & ARSLAN, M. 2009. Association of polycystic ovary syndrome with cardiovascular risk factors. Gynecol Endocrinol, 26, 47-53.
  5. MALIK, S., HANIF, A., KHOKHER, S., IQBAL, Z., RANA, S., IMRAN, M., BILAL, M. & ARSLAN, M. 2009. Association of genetic and non-genetic risk factors with specific BRCA mutation positive breast cancers in some Pakistani females. Pakistan Journal of Physiology, 5.
  6. SALEEM, M., TABASSUM, M. R., YASMIN, R. & IMRAN, M. 2009. Potential of xylanase from thermophilic Bacillus sp. XTR-10 in biobleaching of wood kraft pulp. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 63, 1119-1124.

Year 2010

  1. AFZAL, S., SALEEM, M., YASMIN, R., NAZ, M. & IMRAN, M. 2010. Pre and post cloning characterization of a -1, 4-endoglucanase from Bacillus sp. Mol. Biol. Rep., 37, 1717-1723.
  2. Year 2011

  3. FATIMA, W., SHAHID, A., IMRAN, M., MANZOOR, J., HASNAIN, S., RANA, S. & MAHMOOD, S. 2011. Leptin deficiency and leptin gene mutations in obese children from Pakistan. Int J Pediatr Obes, 6, 419-427.
  4. HUSSAIN, A., BABAR, M. E., IMRAN, M., HAQ, I. U. & JAVED, M. M. 2011. Detection of four novel polymorphisms in PrP gene of Pakistani sheep (Damani and Hashtnagri) and goats (Kamori and Local Hairy) breeds. Virology journal, 8, 246.
  5. IMRAN, N., CHAUDRY, M. R., AZEEM, M. W., BHATTI, M. R., CHOUDHARY, Z. I. & CHEEMA, M. A. 2011. A survey of Autism knowledge and attitudes among the healthcare professionals in Lahore, Pakistan. BMC pediatrics, 11.
  6. RANA, S., WAHEED, I. & IMRAN, M. 2011. Specific post-transcriptional inhibition of mRNA for ligand binding chain of IgE high affinity receptor. Mol. Biol. Rep., 38, 675-681.
  7. ZAFAR, U., QURESHI, H. J. & KARIM, A. 2011. Insulin resistance and serum parameters of iron status in type 2 diabetics. Pak J Physiol, 7.

    Year 2012

  1. BABAR, M. E., HUSSAIN, T., IMRAN, M., NAGARAJAN, M. & KUMAR, S. 2012. Mitochondrial DNA diversity patterns in Pakistani buffalo. Animal genetics, 43, 315-317.
  2. BUGVI, S. M., IMRAN, M., MAHMOOD, S., HAFEEZ, R., FATIMA, W. & SOHAIL, S. 2012. Screening of intron 1 inversion and three intragenic factor VIII gene polymorphisms in Pakistani hemophilia A families. Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis, 23, 132-137.
  3. IMRAN, M., MAHMOOD, S., BABAR, M. E., HUSSAIN, R., YOUSAF, M. Z., ABID, N. B. & LONE, K. P. 2012. PRNP gene variation in Pakistani cattle and buffaloes. Gene, 505, 180-185.
  4. IMRAN, M., MAHMOOD, S., HUSSAIN, R., ABID, N. B. & LONE, K. P. 2012. Frequency distribution of PRNP polymorphisms in the Pakistani population. Gene, 492, 186-194.
  5. IMRAN, M., SAEED, M. T., MAHMOOD, S., MOHSIN, S., SOHAIL, S., MUNIR, A. & NAZIR, H. 2012. A strategy for carrier detection in Pakistani haemophilia B families. Haemophilia, 18, e348-e349.
  6. LONE, K. P., SAHAR, S. & FATIMA, S. 2012. Age-Related Changes in Ovarian Gross and Histological Characteristics During Pubertial Development in Captive Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822) of Age 18-29 Months. Pakistan J. Zool, 44, 159-172.
  7. MAHMOOD, U., IMRAN, M., NAIK, S. I., CHEEMA, H. A., SAEED, A., ARSHAD, M. & MAHMOOD, S. 2012. Detection of common mutations in the GALT gene through ARMS. Gene, 509, 291-4.
  8. SHAHID, A., SAEED, S., RANA, S. & MAHMOOD, S. 2012. Family history of diabetes and parental consanguinity: important risk for impaired fasting glucose in South East Asians. West Indian Medical Journal, 61, 219-223.

Year 2013

  1. ANSAR, T., TAHIR, M., LONE, K. P. & MUNIR, B. 2013. Immunolocalization of Aquaporin-10 in Tuberculous Human Ileum. Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, 23, 392-396.
  2. FAHEEM, M. & LONE, K. P. 2013. Acute toxicity and Behavioural response of Cirrhinus mrigala fingerlings to Bisphenol-A, 28-37.
  3. LIAQAT, I., JAHAN, N., LONE, K. P., PAKSTIS, A. & TAYLOR, H. S. 2013. Genetic polymorphisms associated with endometriosis in Pakistani women. Journal of Endometriosis, 5, 134-143.
  4. RANA, S., SHAHID, A., SAEED, S. & IQBAL, M. N. 2013. Comparison of Thyroid Function Tests by RIA/IRMA Based Commercial Kit and in House Method in Hypothyroid Patients. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 18, 180-190.
  5. SHAHID, A., RANA, S., SAEED, S., IMRAN, M., AFZAL, N. & MAHMOOD, S. 2013. Common Variant of FTO Gene, rs9939609, and Obesity in Pakistani Females. BioMed research international,1.730, 01-08.
  6. SIDDIQI, H., TAHIR, M. & LONE, K. P. 2013. Variations in cerebral arterial circle of Willis in adult Pakistani population. J Coll Physicians Surg Pak, 23, 615-619.
  7. SARWAR, S., ASLAM, M., WAQAR, M. A., HUSSAIN M. AND BUTT I.F. 2013. Iodized Salt: A Risk Factor for Hyperthyroidism. J Rawal Med Col (JRMC)., 17(2):284-287.
  8. HAMEED, W., NAVEED, A.K. AND ASLAM, M. 2013. Effect of Visfatin on Testosterone Levels in Insulin Resistant Diabetic Male Sprague Dawley Rats. PAFMJ., 63(1): 29-33.

Year 2014

  1. GUL, A., LONE, K. P. & AHMED, A. 2014. Implications of umbilical cord blood serum in clinical applications. The Health, 4, 71-75.
  2. HUMAYUN, F., TAHIR, M., LONE, K. P., MUNIR, B., AHMAD, A. L. I. & LATIF, W. 2014. Protective Effect Of Ethanolic Extract Of Propolis On Isoniazid Induced Hepatotoxicity In Male Albino Mice. Biomedica, 30, 85-91.
  3. RANA, S., MUNAWAR, M., SHAHID, A., MALIK, M., ULLAH, H., FATIMA, W., MOHSIN, S. & MAHMOOD, S. 2014. Deregulated expression of circadian clock and clock-controlled cell cycle genes in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Mol. Biol. Rep., 41, 95-103.
  4. ROOMI, M. A., LONE, K. P. & MADASSAR, A. 2014. Vitamin D and cardiometabolic risk factors in adult non-diabetic offspring of type 2 diabetic parents. J Pak Med Assoc, 64, 1229-1234.
  5. Year 2015

  6. SAEED, K., TAHIR, M., AND LONE, K.P. 2015. Effect of Phoenix dactyliferia (date palm) pit powder on nicotine induced spermatotoxicty in adult albino mice. J. Pak. Med. Assoc., 65: 43-48.
  7. ROOMI, M.A., FAROOQ, A., ULLAH, E. AND LONE, K.P. 2015. Serum vitamin D levels and the components of metabolic syndrome: an analytical cross-sectional study. Rawal Med. J., 40: 2-6.
  8. TUFAIL, R., AFZAL, N., JAVEID, K., SHAHZAD, F., KHALIQ, S., ABBAS, A., LATIF, W. AND TAHIR R. 2015. Percentage of T Cells in Diabetes Mellitus Patients Managed with different Treatment Modalities. SMU Med J., 2(1).
  9. NADEEM, A., MUMTAZ, S., NAVEED, A.K., ASLAM, M., SIDDIQUI, A., LODHI, G.M. AND AHMAD, T. 2015. Gene-gene, gene-environment interactions and single nucleotide polymorphisms of inflammatory cytokines. World J Diabetes 2015 Feb 11; online.
  10. JAVED K, AFZAL N, SHAHZAD F, ZAMAN S, KHALIQ S, JAHAN S, LATIF W, KHALIQ S. 2015. Increased frequency of HLA-DRB1*12 in asthma patients visiting a teaching hospital Lahore, Pakistan. International Journal of Current Research 7(4):14476-14480.