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Project Professionalism Punjab


To foster medical professionalism identity in medical students and medical professionals.

  • To examine and understand the development of concepts of professionalism across the learner's lifespan of students, postgraduate trainees and faculty.
  • To compare the perspectives on the concepts of professionalism through the learner's lifespan of students, postgraduate trainees and faculty.
  • To compare the perspectives on the medical professionalism by the consumers and practitioners in the medical field so as to determine the elements of professlorlalisrn that are critical to the consumers of healthcare versus the practitioners.
  • To examine and understand the influence of the environment, society, culture, education, parenting in essence the social fabric on the development of the medical professional identity.
  • To examine and understand the process of identity formation and transformation from personal to medical professional through the learner's life span of students, postgraduate trainees and faculty.
  • To understand the threats to medical professionalism both internal and external.

Every month one caricatures story, one photograph and one video will be uploaded on the UHS website with instructions to study the image/photograph, listen to and watch the video and go through the animated story and then narrate in one or all the three categories in 500-1000 words each what you observe reflecting on your personal similar experiences, commenting on the best practices in healthcare delivery across the globe and how they would have evolved

Your story in anyone or all categories typed in MS word format / hand written should reach the office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor, UHS, Lahore by the 30th of the same month.

Your story will be carefully evaluated and the top three stories will be published on UHS website: www.uhs.edu.pk

Author of the best story in each category will be presented a certificate and a medal at a ceremony in the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

Professor Medical Education Department
University of Health Sciences, Lahore

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