Overview and Working

Information Technology (IT) is essential for the growth of every field of life/sector and it has also found a definite role in the Human Health Sector as almost all sensitive medical equipment’s are equipped with microprocessor and being programmed to do particular jobs with the help of properly developed software, therefore Information Technology will play a vital role in the future development of Pakistan Health Sector. Govt. of Pakistan has launched its IT policy to keep pace with technologically developed countries.
Information Technology department was established in 2004. The main objective of IT Department is to automate / computerize the working of UHS Lahore, to provide a highly reliable, efficient and secured computerized examination system and to develop IT infrastructure in the affiliated institutions. Online research facility to faculty members/students and above all making an efficient and error free computerized environment.


The center of IT activities is the IT Department which is managing LAN/WAN and providing IT services to all departments/offices of UHS and its affiliated institutes.