UHS Arts and Photography Society


Arts and photography have always been an important part of my life. It is something that helps me relax in stressful daily routine filled with studies. This society give me a chance to learn and appreciate different types of art and improve my photography skills. We are a group of passion driven students, each with their individual unique skills set that come from same purpose: to promote the art of photography and deepens our understanding of it. To achieve this, we believe in continually innovating and exploring different platforms in the form of projects, events, exhibitions, workshops and more.
Ayesha Rana,
President / UHS Arts and Photography Society 2021-22 .


To provide a platform to promote arts and photography as hobby and to express hidden talents of students and also advertise our institution. .


The mission is to provide a creative space to share and express their love for art and photography in all forms. We aim to foster our skills and build appreciation for the students both on campus and outside. We also want to be a part of our diverse community in which they can enjoy, learn, participate and promote art and photography.


  • Merit
  • Integrity
  • Acceptance
  • Encouragement
  • Professionalism
  • Respect


1. Provide an outlet for the expression of creativity and sharing of skills and experiences.

2. Promote educational workshops for photography, calligraphy, graphic designing, painting and color scheming.

3. Promote our work through exhibitions in and outside of university premises.

4. Promote photographic and art competitions.

5. Collaboration with other societies for promotion of art and photography.

Rules and Regulations

  • Students are expected to treat their fellow members with due respect and diligence.
  • Every member should actively participate in every project assigned to the society and should share their ideas.
  • Students should not engage in any activity that may result in damage to university or the society.
  • All members must place interests of society and the University above those of personal interests.
  • For using any stuff in the society room one must take permission from any office bearer available.
  • In case of any negligence or mishandling the member has to pay fine.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking is not allowed in the society room.
  • The Executive Council, with the approval of head , reserves the right to remove the members from the society for violating the rules.

Eligibility Criteria

All UHS Students (Postgraduates and Undergraduates / Alumni) are Eligible for membership